Insuring Condos in Tampa and All of Florida

Condo insurance is a bit different then typical homeowners insurance because your policy works in conjunction with the master policy that the condo association has. You are typically only responsible for the interior of your unit and your personal property where the master policy the association has covers the outside. Associations often have inspections on file for all the homeowners that can lower the premium based on the roof and we will always call the association or management company to inquire about that for you. There are also different coverages or endorsements needed depending on if you are living in the condo or renting it out to a tenant and we can help navigate that for you. To have your current condo insurance in Tampa or anywhere in the state reviewed for a honest comparison please reach out to us today. There is no risk or cost involved and if we can lower your rate we will make the changing process easy. If you are best where you currently are at, we promise we will be honest and tell you that!