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Cyber Liability Insurance Explained


Cyber liability insurance covers financial loss that can result from data breaches and other cyber events. With so many more companies now working remotely and exclusively online it is a good coverage to consider having. Gone are the days where there is heavy office traffic and more and more things are being done on the web. The web although amazin ...

Assignment of Benefits: Why Not to Sign it After a Claim


You just had a loss to your home, you are stressed and a vendor comes in and quotes the repair work for you and part of their contract is an “Assignment of Benefits” to sign. They say its going to make the claim easier for you and let them handle everything Do you sign it? No!!! Assignment of benefits (AOB) abuse is the newest type of fraud and ...

The Importance of Flood Insurance Even If You Are Not in a High Risk Flood Area


Flooding is one of the main things that can effect you in Florida that is not covered under your normal homeowners hazard policy. People often refer to flood in Florida as in a flood zone or not in a flood zone but in reality the whole state of FL is considered a flood zone its just broken up into high risk and low risk. What is a flood? Floo ...